Jill integrates fun, meaningful activities into her sessions and gets fantastic results!

— Melissa Willa, Executive Director, Gateway Learning Group, Inc.

It Takes Two to Talk®/ The Hanen Program® for Parents: 

It Takes Two to Talk® is a family-focused training program for parents of young children (age 0-5) with language difficulties.  Parents participate in group training sessions and receive individual consultation services including videotaping and feedback to learn how to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to foster their child's language development.  Please contact us about our next scheduled workshop series, if you are interested.

Speech and Language Assessments:

Based on your requests and the information  gathered during our initial phone conversation, we determine if an assessment is needed and the specific areas of communication that should be assessed. The assessment usually consists of an interview with the parent, testing if appropriate and observation of the child's language skills in action. A report is provided to outline strengths and areas of need, as well as recommendations.

Pre-School Screenings:

We offer screenings to pre-schools. The screenings are provided at low cost or no cost. The family will receive written notification regarding the results of the screenings. Guidance is provided to help families follow up when a screening identifies a need for further assessment.

Speech and Language Therapy: 

Speech and language therapy takes place at home, at daycare or at school. Goals will be shared and updated to help parents understand what is being worked on and what they can do to help the child's progress. Communication is worked on in the context of play and interaction. Parents may at various points observe and participate or at the very least join the child and therapist at the end of the session to allow for sharing about the session.

Parent training/Consultation:

Parents are invited to learn more about how to help their child be a successful communicator at home through 1:1 parent training. We draw from the curriculum of the Hanen Program® during individual parent consultations.

Information about the Hanen Program for Professionals and Administrators:

This workshop is for professionals who are interested in learning more about the Hanen program, It Takes Two to Talk, an evidence-based program which trains parents to be their child's primary language facilitator, a key element in successful early language intervention. 

The presentation addresses the following questions:
  • Why is there such a need for early intervention (brief discussion)?
  • Why should parents be trained and involved in early intervention services?
  • Why should you/your agency consider the It Takes Two to Talk program to train parents and caregivers?
  • What is involved in running the It Takes Two to Talk program and how can it work for you/your agency?
  • Who is appropriate for this program: Case Examples.

For more information about this presentation or for general questions about the Bridges to Communication's offering of It Takes Two to Talk, please contact Jill Flores at bridgestocommunication@gmail.com.